4 tips on how to look your best from the waist up

Are you working from home? Are you glued to zoom or google chat or whatever online video meeting application? Yeah it may suck, but hey! You can wear your coziest bunny slippers to work now and no one will bat an eye. Unfortunately, along with the perks, there are a few downsides.

For the super fortunate, some have been working from home for years and have mastered the art of chillin' at work. For the newbies, I am going to share a few tips that keep me from losing all the french fries out of my happy meal.

Ok, so the first few weeks of working from home were bliss, or maybe it was months. I don't know, the days are just melting into each other. I think today is Tuwednesday. But its only a matter of time before you cant stand your own funk - cause you haven't showered since Mursday. Then enters the tiny violin. You feel terrible because you look like a mini troll doll or Frederick Douglas and the last time you combed your hair, you lost the comb in there along with a few other things that don't resemble hair care products.

Here are my tips for how to look your best from the waist up

  1. Attitude

It's all about attitude. This pandemic has weighed heavily on all of us. Some physically, and all of us emotionally. You may have been a loner before, but lets be honest, no man is an island. We need human contact. We crave it. But sometimes our mind fights what we need. And so, we shut off the camera for work meetings and dont go to zoom parties and we cant understand why we feel so. blah. Well duh! In case you didn't know, getting dressed and wearing nice clothes is for you - not those who see you. Its up to you to make you feel better. Especially now. So.......Get out of bed! Wash your face! Comb your hair! Put some lipstick on to feel cute - because you are.

2. Make up or glam up

Ok dolls. Again, the misconception is that you wear makeup for onlookers. NOPE! It is for you! Remember when you were little, you played dress up with mommy's clothes and makeup? Time to play again! Seriously, you have the time, so play! Wear that funky lipstick, make designs on your nails, invest in self care.

3. Statement piece

Ok, attitude is in check, hair, make up and nails are glammed. Now, since we are only going to see you from the waist up, time for the show stopper! A beautiful button up shirt that exhibits a stunning necklace. A bodacious cocktail ring that screams "look at me!"

4. Attitude

Lastly, this bears repeating and needs another place on our list because honestly, if you came to a zoom party in a paper suit like a boss, you would be the envy of the party. Time to channel Beyonce..."I woke up like this....I woke up like this....."

What's the point? We are at war with a pandemic that is trying to trick us into believing that it's ok to be a hermit, with the windows closed and shades down. Don't do it girl! You got this! If you need a few pointers, check us out.

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